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Features for Candidates

Unlimited Practise Tests

Unlimited comprehensive set of questions based on Reasoning, Aptitude, Language and General Awareness to improve ability to solve challenging problems from each section/test.

Self Analysis

After each test, get a detailed analysis report of performance, which helps to analyse the performance, strong and weak areas and rank scored in each test taken.

Individual Logins

An individual login to each candidate will be provided, which the candidate can access anytime from anywhere and can take tests, get performance reports and other details.

Recruitment Support

Via integration with Costuco, our online freshers hiring portal, you can attend the On/Off campus recruitment drives conducted by costuco for its partner clients and increase your chances of getting hired.

Skill Gap Analysis

Identify your gaps benchmarked with recruitment process of leading corporates.

Job Alerts

Stay informed and get job alerts about the latest job openings in various sectors and get detailed job informations like eligibility, Job description, salary package and other details. Job Posting is done in real time so you can apply for the suitable ones. All these features are provided via integration with Costuco.

Performance Statistics

With Multi-dimensional Reports feature a complete statistics of performance can be viewed. Know and assess the overall and subjectwise performance score and rank scored batch/college wise, and over all rank of all the aspirants.

  • Topic/Section wise Report
  • Branch level comparison Report
  • Institution level comparison Report
  • CoSET level comparison Report
  • Over all Performance Report

Features for Institutions

Internal Exams

Create, evaluate and manage unlimited practice assessments for your candidates.

Evaluate & Assess

Evaluate, analyse, assess and focus on the lagging points of individual candidate.

Assessment Calendar

Create and pre-schedule assessment for a particular date to avoid last moment hustles.

Extensive Question Bank

Our colossal question bank contains a wide range of questions like Aptitude Questions, Logical Reasoning, Verbal Ability, Technical, Programming, Academic Subject and topic specific questions and many more.

Self Evaluation

Our Multi-dimensional Reporting System help candidates to review and track their own performance and motivates them to focus on the required area, both in academics as well as Comptetive Exams.

Virtual Monitoring

Detect and track malpractices like navigating to other tab while taking the assessments, IP Tracking is enabled to ensure security and authenticity of the users. Provision to monitor candidates stats who are live in assessments.

Performance Analytics

This feature gives multi dimensional analysis of the candidate’s performance.

  • Assessment wise Report
  • Individual candidate Report
  • Branch-wise Performance
  • Institution level Report
  • Over All Performance Report

This feature enables you to measure the candidate’s performance, analyse and help them focus on their weak areas.

Assessment Types

  • Performance Tests series – to evaluate candidate’s employability skills
  • Core Domain Tests – to evaluate candidates’ core domain knowledge
  • Class Tests – to empower professors to create their own tests for their respective academic subjects

Additional Features

  • Connect with the candidates via e-mails and sms to send notifications and updates.
  • Supports all Question Types (MCQ,T/F, Descriptive, Compilable etc)
  • Assessments resumes after Power / Internet disruptions.
  • Supports Symbols, graphs, equations, tables, etc
  • Unlimited Assessment creation and questions upload

Our Pricing

200 (+Taxes Additional)
Benefits to Institutions
  • Any Degree
  • Unlimited Tests / Assessments
  • Domain / Skill Tests
  • Create your own Assessments
  • Sectionwise Assessments
  • Coding Practice (Supports 22 languages)
  • Individual Account for Every Department
  • Detailed Analytics
  • Pre-built Assessments
  • Export Reports
  • Virtual Monitoring
  • Individual Candidate Reports
  • Branch, Institution level Performance Reports
  • Email / Phone Support
  • Placement / Internship Support**
  • Placement Papers of top companies
200/1 Year (+Taxes Additional)
Benefits to Candidates
  • Any Degree
  • Unlimited Practice Tests
  • Domain Skill Tests
  • General Tests
  • Sectionwise Tests
  • Coding Practice (Supports 22 languages)
  • Analytical Reports
  • Branch level comparison Report
  • Institution level comparison Report
  • Section wise Report
  • Placement / Internship Support**
  • Email Support
  • 1 Year Validity
  • Placement Papers of top companies

** CoSET does not commit or promise any placement/internship guarantee or assurance.

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